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Ovento GmbH / Swiss Skate Tour and local OK Engadin Inline Marathon

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The course goes from  Maloja to S-chanf with a loop to Pontresina and back. The roads are completely free from traffic at this time.

Road blockings, 09th September:

Road Sector Kilometer Start  End  Time
A 3b Malojastrasse Maloja – Silvaplana Mitte km 10.0 to km 0.0 08:30 10:00 01:30
A27 Engadinerstrasse Silvaplana – Champfér Süd km 0.0 to km 1.8 08:45 10:10 01:25
A27 Engadinerstrasse Champfér Süd – St. Moritz Signal km 1.8 to km 4.2 08:45 10:20 01:35
A27 Engadinerstrasse St. Moritz Signal – Punt Muragl km 4.2 to km 9.4 08:45 10:30 01:45
A 29 Berninastrasse Punt Muragl – Gitögla – Punt Muragl km 0.0 to km 3.8 09:00 10:45 01:45
A 27 Engadinerstrasse Punt Muragl – Bever Km 9.4 to km 14.5 09:00 11:00 02:00
A27 Engadinerstrasse Bever – Madulain km 14.5 to km 19.5 09:15 11:10 01:55
A27 Engadinerstrasse Madulain – S-chanf km 19.5 to km 25.6 09:15 11:30 02:15

Engadin Bus

On Saturday, the start number distribution, late registration, skater village and Mini, Kids and Sprint races are in St. Moritz Bad, Via Rosatsch. The Via Rosatsch is closed between 6 pm and 7.45 pm for a short time.

On Sunday, there is the finish for the short distance (15 km). All award ceremonies also take place in St. Moritz Bad. The participants of the marathon can come back with a extra shuttle bus.


At the start in Maloja and at the finish in S-chanf there is no parking. Illegally parked cars will be towed away at the owner’s cost!

Food/Drinks/Refreshment points

For safety reasons there is only one refreshment stands in Pontresina along the route. At the start area and in Pontresina drink bottles can be filled with water or isotonic drinks. No drinks in cups for safety reasons!

Clothing transport

Early in the morning it can be very cold in the Engadine. Please wear suitable clothes. Until 8:30 pm you can leave your clothes in the clothes bag at the clothing transport in Maloja. According to your distance you get your clothes back in St. Moritz Bad or S-chanf.

Transportation / Shuttle Bus

The shuttle busses go from St. Moritz Bad to the start in Maloja from 06:00 to 07:30 am. You will receive your definitive time of departure on the start number distribution. Please be on time. For our Partnerhotels Sporthotel Pontresina and InnLogde Celerina there are stops at 07am at Pontresina Rondo and Celerina Schlattina.

From approximately 11.30 am the buses will return from the finish in S-chanf to St. Moritz Bad.

Public Transport inclusive

The start number can be used as a ticket for public transport. Valid on 09.09.18 in the area: Maloja to Cinuos-chel / Brail and Alp Grüm to Spinas. Valid for the following transport companies: Engadin Bus, Rhaetian Railway, PostAuto, local bus St. Moritz

Start Number / Timekeeping Chip

You have to wear the start number on your left thigh. The timekeeping chip must be fixed on your ankle and returned immediately near the clothing return at the end of the race.

Non returned chips will be invoiced with 70 CHF.

Starting Procedure

At 8.50 am all skaters have to stand in the  assigned starting blocks. The assigned starting block is printed on the start number. The blocks will be separately guided to the start and shortly after started. Starting in a false starting block can lead to disqualification.


Please pay attention to the indicated dangerous points (see attached route sections).  These points are marked with warning flags.

On the slope from St. Moritz Bad direction Cerlerina only on the right side of the route is a brake carpet.

  • Adjust your speed on your skate ability!
  • Skate on the right!
  • Faster skaters overtake on the left side!
  • No sudden brake actions or direction changes (like snakes)!

Along the whole route there are emergency service points, where you can get medical support.

Please sign in a contact person in case of emergency on the reverse side of your start number.