Die Masters Marathon World Championships are part of the Program of the
Engadin Inline Marathon.

SUNDAY 09.09.2018
from 6:00 am Shuttle Bus from St. Moritz Bad to the start in Maloja
7:30 am Shuttle Bus from St. Moritz Bad to the finish S-chanf (for visitors and spectators)
09:00 am Marathon Block A (Elite) 2004 and older 42 km
09:02 am WC Masters U40(M) 42 km
09:02:30 WC Masters U60 (M)
09:03:30 am WC Masters
U50 (M)
42 km
09:04:00 WC Masters U70 O70 (M)
09:05 am WC Masters
U40 (W) / U50 (W) / U60 (W) / U70 (W) / O70 (W)
09:06 am Marathon – Block B 2004 and older 42 km
09:07 am Marathon – Block C 2004 and older 42 km
09:07:30 am Shortdistance 2004 and older 15 km
09:07:30 am Juniors 2003 to 2006 15 km
09:07:30 am Enjoy & Fun all to 42 km
from 09:15 am Passage Marathon and finish line short distance in St. Moritz Bad
from 09:50 am Finish Line Marathon in S-chanf, clothes return, showers, wardrobes, refreshment stands.
from 11:30 am Return transport from S-chanf to St. Moritz Bad
1:00 pm Award Ceremony in St. Moritz Bad
to 3:00 pm Finish in Village St. Moritz Bad


All age groups will get an extra colored helmet, back and hip number. Drafting is only allowed in the same age group.


Program in the skate village
  • skate villageĀ  with food an drink
  • village stalls of our sponsors
  • Rent and sale skate products

*short term changes of the program are possible